What is Crafting? Edit

Crafting is a gameplay mechanic that allows you to make tools, clothing, and structures from materials that you gather, mine or hunt.

How to Craft Edit


First, to open up the crafting menu press Q twice or press press e and click on crafting


Second, click on a category, in this example I'm going to use the category "Tools & Melee weapons"


Third, click on a tool/item you want to craft and click create. You can't craft items without the needed materials. in the materials list highlighted in red, if the materials you need to craft the tool/item with are colored green then you can craft that tool/item


If the material is highlighted in red that means that you do not have enough of the material to build that tool/item


Once you click create the item will take some time before it is actually made. It takes a certain amount of time to create every item, some more than others


Once the item is created it will appear in your inventory

Craftables Edit